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The Best Way to Make Quizzes!
With QuizStar you can
- Manage classes and quizzes
- Attach multimedia files to questions
- Make quizzes in multiple languages
- Access from any Internet-connected computer
- Allow students to complete and review

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Duplicate your own quizzes. Use the copy function to quickly edit quizzes for various classes or for differentiated instruction.

Share quizzes with fellow instructors. Use the quiz id number to import and export quizzes between different instructor accounts

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How QuizStar works:
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- View results
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QuizStar is a FREE Quiz-making Tool!

Use QuizStar to create online quizzes for your students, disseminate quizzes to students, automatically grade quizzes and view the quiz results online.
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QuizStar has become a free service, just like all of the other fantastic 4Teachers tools. There is no cost to register or use QuizStar. All existing subscribed accounts have been converted to the free service. There is no need to renew your subscription.

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