Tutorial Overview
1. Create your profile
Set up your profile and view your page for students.
2. Create a class
Learn to create, edit and delete a class.
3. Create a quiz
Learn to create, edit and delete a quiz.
4. Assign quizzes
Assign or unassign quizzes and change active dates.
5. Register students
Your or your students can set up registration for your class.
6. View reports
See how to manage your quiz data with the reports.
Tutorial Overview
Sign up for QuizStar. Set up classes and assign quizzes to those classes. Tell your students to sign up for QuizStar and to search for, then register for your class. If you prefer, you can register the students yourself. Once students take your quiz, go to Report Manager to view the report for that quiz. Repeat this process for as many classes and quizzes you have.

Use the links to the left, or follow the arrow to move through the tutorial.